Our Vision

Why Product Thinking?

We believe that India will become a globally competitive product nation through creative product thinking and problem solving, and our mission is to:
Support and nurture great product thinkers and build artistpreneurs* in every startup corner of the country.
*Artistpreneurs bring a rare combination of entrepreneurial + artistic thinking to solve hard problems and in the process create sustainable value for everyone.

Our Mission

How will we make this happen?

We began this journey with collating many observations, perspectives, opinions into our first blog post “Do we have the DNA to build great products?”. We believe great products are made at the intersection of Intuition, Boundaries, Simplicity, Focus and Customer Centricity, 5 tenets key to a product thinking mindset. Our mission is to initiate and support programs / activities to help our rising product thinkers in India master these key tenets.

Our Program

What activities will we undertake?

Our intervention programs will focus on activities covering the intersections of the target product thinkers & artistpreneurs community, the mentor network we mobilize, and the insights and knowledge corpus we build.


Who can attend

Our Team

The Team
behind it

The Program

What to expect at Prodshala

At the Un-conference for Product Thinkers, you’ll get tons of opportunities to connect, reflect, and learn over two days. We have carefully designed the agenda that includes focused workshops, relevant case studies, insightful discussions, open feedback sessions, problem solving exercises, and well-timed networking breaks along with some entertaining activities and great refreshments. We will put the final agenda here as soon as we have finalized everything. You could also contact us to know more.